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We find our printing perfect, supported by years of experience, modern machinery and highly qualified team of printers. Below we present our printing machines:

-Heidelberg Speedmaster 102/8 P5 - format min. 420x500 mm  format max. 720x1020 mm, paper grammar 60g-300g

-Heidelberg  Speedmaster  102/8  P5+S   -   format  min. 420x500 mm  format max.720x1020 mm, paper grammar 60-300g

-Heidelberg Speedmaster  102-2-P   -  format  min.420x500 mm  format max.720x1020 mm, paper grammar 60-300g

-Shinohara P75 IV - format min. 270x430 mm, format max. 520x750 mm, paper grammar 60g-250g

-KBA Rapida 105 – format min. 360x520 mm, format max. 720x1050 mm, paper grammar 60g-300g

-Zirkon RO66 - format min. 452x560 mm, format max. 452x610 mm, paper grammar 50g-100g

-Ultraset 72 - format min. 600x1012 mm, format max. 720x1012 mm, paper grammar 50g-100g